Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shadows of the Hersweald

Happy Vallegrande Day to everyone! (Not that anyone outside of Bolivia cares, but still…)
If you’ve been paying any attention to my Facebook posts lately, you’ve probably caught on to my obsession with one Hope Ann. She’s a homeschool graduate, also the eldest of a large family, and has self-published multiple fairytale retellings on Amazon. Her latest book, Shadows of the Hersweald, an awesome retelling of Hansel and Gretel, released just this last week. Here’s the blurb:
They would have to come that afternoon. Haydn glared at the rutted road twisted away from the gate beneath him, slithering into the shadows of the Harsweald. And what was the flaming idea behind leaving him in charge? Tregaron in the hands of a criminal… that would put them all in the good graces of the province governor, no questions asked.
A battered soldier from a defeated army, Haydn knows there is only one end to the arrival of the Prince’s governor. Except he hasn’t counted on the Prince himself. Or the pardon which his recent foe has declared to acquit all those who fought against him.
A pardon Haydn detests.
A pardon that refuses to punish the rebels now threatening his own village. And his sister.
Guilt-ridden from his own actions during the war, Haydn knows there are others who have no conscience at all. Others who are using the freedom of the pardon to forward their own desperate schemes.
With enemies closing in on all sides, a pardon that refuses punishment, and nightmares of murder and fire haunting his every thought, will Haydn recognize the truth or will his fear condemn everything he loves to destruction?
Perfect for those who love fantasy, but don’t have the time to sit down for a full-length novel, this third novella in the Legends of Light series presents the story of Hansel and Gretel as you have never read it before. Full of danger, loyalty, and betrayal, all tinted red from the shuddering glow of the firecarn, this is more than a mere retelling of a favorite fairy tale.

And for more of a treat, my dear friends, I have… (*whispers*) a sneak peak. Wanna see? Here goes…
Footsteps crunched through the gate. Hasty, firm treads. That hadn’t taken them long.
Haydn bit his lip. They would drag him away soon, pardon or no. His eyes trailed the words engraved on the pavement. Words of promise. Words his father loved. Useless words, like the pardon, but strong words nevertheless.
Who hath believed our report? The Oath of the King shall never fall. His promise to those who rebelled will stand completed…
“You destroy and reject the pardon of the Prince, yet you come here for refuge?” The familiar voice carried a hint of amusement. “Don’t you find that a little ironic?”
“Should I?” Haydn asked without lifting his gaze.
Traveon sighed. “That is all I get? Two years at war on opposite sides, and you won’t give me more than two words?”
Haydn dragged his gaze upward.
Traveon raised one eyebrow. “Come now. I don’t look that bad.”
Haydn snorted, but his lip curved into a faint smile. “You look like you spent the last year scrounging for food in the Hersweald. Didn’t the Prince’s army feed you?”
“More than they fed you, apparently.” Traveon took a step forward, holding out a hand. “As for sleep, however…”
Haydn clasped his comrade’s sinewy forearm. “We kept you busy?” He smirked.
“Oh, no. It was trying to figure out how to deal with blockheads like you once the war was over that kept us around the fires.” Traveon shook his head, but his smile faded. “What were you thinking? I mean, I’ve seen you do foolish things—”
“Most of which were your idea,” Haydn reminded him.

Check it out!


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