Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bolivian Time

Bolivia has a different concept of time than the U.S. does. In the States, “on time” is, well, on time. “On time” in Bolivia is twenty minutes late. This post is a month and twenty-three days late! Bolivian time…
2017 is sizing up to be a very busy year on my side of the universe. Here’s the rundown:
       Real Life: Two weeks of camp preparation and camp itself, preparation for classes starting.
       Writing Life (the fun stuff): Basically nothing.
Real Life: Bible Institute classes started. So did my nighttime beauty classes (that sounds like something from a fairytale—anyone agree?).
Writing Life: I completed the first draft of Roshanara and the Dragon and started revising. I Slapped My Prince Charming is on revision number 10. Hopefully Revision #11 will be the last. Also, I started When Music Fades for a contest whose deadline is the last day of the month. Praying that I can get it done in time. J But isn’t that cover—the prize—gorgeous?
Publication Stuff: I Slapped My Prince Charming’s information is off to Tremani Sutcliffe, the cover designer. I’m planning on self-publishing this one. J
I’m not sure whether to put this under writing or publication, but I have gotten involved in Project Canvas which is—I quote—“a collaborative writing project. Vision: to create a book of writing advice and inspiration for fellow writers.” Check their website out at if you’re interested. I am writing about the topic of discipline and time management, which as you can see is something I’m constantly trying to improve on.
       Real Life: Translation for a medical team in the big city, which means a week away from home, work and classes (yay!) but also a week away from writing (not-so-yay). But the translation job is always fun.
       Writing Life: By this time, I will hopefully be 100% done with I Slapped My Prince Charming and also Roshanara and the Dragon because…
       Publication Stuff: My ideal publication date for Roshanara and the Dragon is March 31, 2017. Look. I have said this online. Now I have to meet that deadline.

There you are—my schedule for 2017’s first quarter—halfway through said quarter. What can I say? It’s Bolivian time.

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