Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Say Hello To… Marie Justicius

            Welcome to my latest work in progress, I Slapped My Prince Charming. Let me introduce you to the protagonist: Marie Justicius (picture courtesy of Pinterest).

Marie Justicius is the daughter of Beauregard Justicius, illegitimate son of the heir to the throne. Long accustomed to life as a kitchen maid in the small Aucum Manor, she isn’t prepared for the aftermath of the assassinations. All of the royal family killed—who will rule the country now? To her astonishment, she and her father are now heirs to the throne of Delmar. During the weeks that follow, as her knowledge of palace life grows, Marie uncovers many secrets, including the existence of her twin brother, Prince Constant of Isidoris. What else will she uncover in the palace? Can her father be the instigator of the assassinations after all?

Here’s an excerpt from the story which I feel really shows Marie as a person, her introduction to her brother, Prince Constant.

“Tell me what you enjoy." He faces me momentarily, raising his hands in a questioning manner.
I close my eyes, the better to remember the things I used to enjoy. "I enjoy adventure, doing that which is forbidden to me. I loved sneaking into the garden at Aucum Manor and smelling the roses in the springtime, and then dashing away before I could be caught by the gardener. I love the motion of running. I love the challenge of forcing my thoughts to keep ahead of another's, a race of wits as you might say."
Silence stretches on for several minutes, and yet again a blush spread across my cheeks. Why am I so awkward? This is my brother, after all.
"Marie Justicius, I believe we shall indeed get along."

Keep an eye out for an interview with Marie, coming soon!


  1. excited to be able to read the whole book eventually!

  2. Marie!!! SOOO excited about "I Slapped My Prince Charming"!

    1. Thanks to you and Annie, it's really coming along!